Monday, August 22, 2011

The Power Of Conviction

Since ancient times we know the word of "Positive Thinking". Our parents are always reminding usif we want to be clever, just say the word "clever" as a habit.
We know the word affirmations latelywhen in fact it is actually already underway well before the term was published.
Affirmationspositive thinking and similar terms should be applied in our daily lives.
If you were a mosleem (submission), affirmations made ​​by us in prayer five times a dayin prayer, we are actually doing affirmations to make the pilgrimage somedayprayer is a confession of faithprayer is a charityprayer is fastingand prayer is the Hajjis it trueto confirm this conclusion we should learn and reflect on all the processes in the implementation of the Hajj.
we must convince ourselveseverything that God created nothing in vainand the greatest power in the world is the power of beliefI am confident that I will become something beautiful and give beauty to otherswhat you believe?

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