Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Between Good and Bad

Do you believe that good and bad are always in a state of mutual attraction. Like the world we live in, there are two poles are mutually attract each other, the north pole and the south pole.
God created us with a lot of purposes and we actually have been equipped with good qualities at the beginning of our creation, are human beings who make their own fate, whether they follow the good spirits or bad spirits. So many things that determine the good or bad qualities of human's life beside the environment in which they live and what they eat, among all things that affect people's life there is one thing we must keep, its the good spirit that has god store in the heart of every humans at the beginning of its creation.
Believe me, all humans are created to be good. Imagine and feel the energy! Sense of belonging, sense of compassion, respect each other, empathy, has been implanted in our hearts. Maintain, develop and spread it to the world in which we live.

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