Friday, July 29, 2011

why we were CREATED

Science and human understanding about life and the universe will always evolve, depending on the willingness and the passionate desire to reveal the secret about life.
Why we were created?

Questions about why we were created must always be planted in our minds as long as we live.
God had a plan, and we should be able to uncover the divine plan for us and we refining the plan of God.
Why we were created? Ask it to your parents first!
What do they want us? and what they hope to us through a name?
If they can answer, I'm sure your parents are good people who know about their purpose in life.
Our lives will always be connected to the past of our parents and their ancestors, because that's where our life comes. our parents and ancestors have in common as we and our children. Learn about your past and the values ​​of life that is in your past!
so, why we were created? I hope there are a few answers you can find.

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