Saturday, September 3, 2011

We Are The Scales

Live in balance, because at that point people discover the true shape of their life. Like a baby in the womb of his mother, they're at their mother's point of balanceBaby's umbilical cord connects to their mother's navel.
Someday God will ask our responsibility, what we have done. Whether we use the entire life that has God given in the goodness or otherwise we waste our lives.
Did you know that all our deeds will be weighed?
Yes, our lives will be judged by the value of good and bad as long as we live.
Consider the shape of the human body! Goodness I may say, it is at the top of our bodies, and bad is at the bottom of our body, and its center is located at the navel.
Is it true that the human body shape just like the scales?
goodness and bad will mutually attract each other, and in the end, toward which the scales were more severe., Toward the top or toward the bottom.

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