Friday, July 22, 2011

we are the EARTH

Have you ever thought that we are The Earth?
The Earth replicas exist within us, our body and soul reflectsThe Earth.
try us consider again, is it true that our existence is a replica of The Earth?
Most of our body consists of water as well as the The Earth which is mostly ocean.
If we examine a little deeper into the blood circulation system in the human body, the quality of life and maturity of thought is determined by what is in our blood and this determines the state of our hearts.
The first thing to note is WHAT WE EAT. Have we heard the belly of the earth, humans also have a belly.
Not surprisingly some day in medical science will have term of BLOOD POLLUTION.
Eat foods that are good for our bodies, because it will determine the quality of our life.
whether the same between air pollution and blood pollutionyou have your own answer . . .

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